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Megan Price


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Humanitarian Studies


Megan Price is a collaborator in the development of the insight approach to conflict analysis and resolution. Her research and practice focus on the role of curiosity in conflict resolution and designing reliable, context-based solutions to systemic social conflict. She co-developed Insight Policing in 2012, a conflict resolution-based communication skillset that positions law enforcement officers to prevent escalation in contentions moments of enforcement. She redeveloped Insight Policing for application in schools in 2015 to help teachers and administrators find supportive alternatives to exclusionary discipline.


Price directs the Center for Applied Insight Conflict Resolution, a Washington, DC based social enterprise. She works closely with police agencies and schools and consults with diverse groups from all over the world. Price is an expert trainer and facilitator, committed to experiential, authentic learning formats. In addition to her applied work, she teaches the Insight approach to graduate students at George Mason University.


Price holds a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University (2016), a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Insight Mediation from Carleton University (2010), a Master of Philosophy in Reconciliation Studies from Trinity College (2007) and a Bachelor of Arts in History of Religion from Reed College (2003).