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Mark Seemann

Mark Seemann


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Mark Seemann is a Victoria-based disaster management consultant with Onur Seemann Consulting. He is an internationally certified emergency manager, adjunct assistant professor at the University of Victoria, and associate faculty member in Royal Roads’ Disaster and Emergency Management program. Dr. Seemann’s work and research interests focus on better understanding disaster risk and risk perception. He has spent the past 20 years working in public safety and advising on risk and emergency management in both the private and public sectors.


Since 2000, Dr. Seemann’s emergency management experience has included varied research, planning and operational roles with Emergency Management British Columbia, Parks Canada, Public Safety Canada and California Emergency Management Agency. His operational activations have included natural disasters such as foreign animal diseases, interface fires and flooding events, ferry groundings, train derailments, hazardous material releases and acts of terrorism. Current research initiatives include the quantification of seismic hazard perception in coastal communities; investigating the contribution of varying ground conditions on earthquake shaking probabilities; and assessing the use of micro-tremor measurements in estimating ground shaking intensity and its impact on structures. 


Dr. Seemann holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology (BA, University of Alberta) and a graduate degree in quaternary geology and biogeography (MSc, University of Alberta). He holds an associate degree in risk management from the Insurance Underwriters of America and a doctorate in disaster risk management (PhD, University of Victoria).