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Krupal Patel

Krupal Patel


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Krupal Patel is an industrial engineering consultant based in Victoria, BC. He is passionate about understanding how different businesses work, their strategies and how to improve them. Patel’s professional experiences have given him the opportunity to apply his skills in settings ranging from large companies to mid-size organizations and startups. Many of his projects have focused on developing suppliers and helping them function at optimum capacity.


Krupal has worked for more than 10 years as a process and production improvement specialist. He has spent eight years in the aerospace industry as an industrial engineer for the Boeing company and Viking Air. His primary focus was optimizing production lines and aiding suppliers around the world to improve their process. Patel has worked in the U.A.E, Australia, Germany and many other countries and continues to apply his skills as a consultant in the field.


Patel holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management Systems from the University of Central Florida (2008), a Project Management Certificate through Project Management Institue and is currently a Master of Business Administration candidate at the University of Victoria.