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Kimberly Lemieux

Kimberly Lemieux


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Education and Technology


Kimberly Lemieux has been an online educator in the K-12 sector since 2005. She graduated from Royal Roads University’s Master of Arts in Learning and Technology (MALAT) in 2012, and joined the faculty of the School of Education and Technology in 2013. She draws from extensive experience in the K-12 sector, where she has gained a tacit understanding of the demands made of teachers and students in an online learning medium. Her MA thesis investigated issues in distributed learning in B.C. through the lens of experienced online educators. She is most interested in issues related to the facilitation of courses and programs offered through online learning.   


Lemieux has been a teacher at South Island Distance Education School (SIDES) since 2005, and previously taught for seven years in other K-12 schools. SIDES is a distributed learning school that provides full-time online studies to public school students in B.C. Lemieux is also a member of the teaching faculty in the Online Teacher Development program at Vancouver Island University, where she has participated in the planning and implementation of various new programs in the distributed learning sector.


Lemieux holds a Bachelor of Arts in English (honours) from the University of Alberta, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria and a Master of Arts in Learning and Technology from Royal Roads University. She graduated from Royal Roads in 2012, and won the Founders’ Award for exemplifying leadership, sustainability and personal development and the Chancellor’s Award for the highest academic performance in the MALAT program.