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Justin Veuthey

Justin Veuthey


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Humanitarian Studies


Justin Veuthey is interested in disaster prevention: What individuals and collectives can do to reduce the risk of catastrophes before a hazard comes along. He is a strong believer in the adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Veuthey wrote his PhD dissertation about how farmers in the Philippines prepare for natural hazards. He is interested in how economic inequality and interpersonal trust influence social cohesion and how people prepare for natural hazards.

He is concerned with issues of poverty and marginalization, while also being increasingly interested in how technology (ranging from smartphones to social media and drones) can be used for both international development as well as humanitarian intervention.


Veuthey was a journalist for several years before getting involved in international development. He has studied and worked in Europe, Asia and the Americas. After working with the Swiss government's humanitarian aid agency as well as small NGOs, he completed a PhD in geography focusing on how farmers in Southeast Asia were preparing for natural hazards. During his doctoral research he enjoyed living in remote parts of the rural Philippines for two years.


Veuthey holds a PhD in Geography from the Université de Montréal (2015), a Master of Arts in International Development Studies and an International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance from the University of Geneva (2008) and a Bachelor of Arts in Geography with Environmental Minor from McGill University (1998).