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Jennifer Walinga




Communication and Culture


Dr. Jennifer Walinga is director of the School of Communication and Culture. An experienced educator and former member of Canada’s Commonwealth, World and Olympic gold medal rowing teams (1983 to 1992), she draws on her personal experiences to frame the way she facilitates problem solving and leadership. Walinga blends organizational, educational and sport psychology in designing communication, change and performance interventions for individuals, groups and organizations. Her research interests include organizational communication, team dynamics, creative insight, social innovation, workplace health, sport education and high performance. She is a mother of three and an active member of the athletic and educational communities in Victoria.


Walinga taught English at the middle, high school and adult levels in Toronto and Victoria from 1988 to 2008. She has taught at Royal Roads since 2001, first as associate faculty in the Centre for Applied Leadership and Management, and the schools of Leadership, Business and Communication; then as core faculty in the School of Communication and Culture. Since 2000, she has run her own consulting firm, Integrated Focus, which offers training programs for individuals, teams, departments and organizations. Learn more about Walinga’s experience on her profile.


Walinga earned her Bachelor of Liberal Studies at Brock University (1987) and her Bachelor of Education at the University of Western Ontario (1988). After teaching English for 20 years, she combined her passion for communication and athletics in pursuing her Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads (2001), where she researched the impact of experiential training programs on organizational performance. She earned her PhD in Organizational Studies from the University of Victoria (2007), where she developed a problem solving intervention called Integrated Focus. Walinga won Royal Roads’ 2010 Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award.


Please contact communications officer Doug Ozeroff at 250-391-2526 or cell 250-812-5065.