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Hugh Stephens


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Hugh Stephens has more than 35 years of government and business experience, primarily in the Asia Pacific region. After serving in five different countries in Asia, including almost 10 years as senior vice-president for Time Warner in Hong Kong, he returned to Canada in 2009. He speaks Chinese (Mandarin), and has had extensive experience in trade policy and business management issues. He is actively engaged in promoting greater public awareness of policy issues involving Canada and Asia through his role as Executive-in-Residence at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and as Vice Chair of the Canadian Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (PECC).


After serving for 28 years with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in a number of positions in Ottawa and overseas, including assistant deputy minister for Policy and Communications at headquarters and Canadian representative and director of the Canadian Trade Office in Taiwan, he joined Time Warner as senior vice-president responsible for Public Policy for Asia Pacific, based in Hong Kong. He is currently senior policy advisor to Time Warner and principal of TransPacific Connections Consulting.


Hugh Stephens has a BA (Honours) from the University of British Columbia, a B.Ed from the University of Toronto and an MA in history and political science from Duke University. He has a certificate in Mandarin from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has spoken extensively at various forums throughout the Asia Pacific region, particularly on intellectual property issues, and has published a number of articles on trade and industry issues involving Canada and the Asia Pacific region.