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Genevieve Beninger

Geneviève Beninger


Associate Faculty


Education and Technology


Geneviève Beninger is an associate faculty member in the School of Education and Technology. Her research interests include defining optimized learning environments, identifying the effects of rapid technological change on the learning ecosystem and addressing leadership challenges in distance education. Beninger’s doctoral research will examine the application of current learning theory at the intersection of rapid technological change, evolving learner expectations and redefined organizational needs in an age where the ability to adapt and innovate are key drivers.


Beninger worked in the private sector “edutainment” gaming industry as an artist and designer prior to joining the federal government, where she worked and taught in the areas of information management, computer technology and e-learning. Beninger was deeply involved with the recent expansion of online learning in the Canadian navy. As an e-learning specialist and instructional designer in the navy’s Learning Support Centre, she used her expertise to address both organizational needs and the needs of the learners through the strategic application of educational technologies.


Beninger holds an Associate of Arts in Visual Arts from Camosun College and a Diploma in Digital Art and Design from Thompson Rivers University. She earned her Master of Business Administration in Digital Technologies Management from Royal Roads University in 2009. She is completing her Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education at the University of Victoria, and has been accepted into the Doctor of Education, Distance Education program at Athabasca University. As a lifelong learner, Beninger is a recipient of the Governor General’s Academic Medal, has achieved honours for her studies in the visual arts and received the Founder’s Award from Royal Roads University.