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G.B. Henderson

G.B. Henderson


Associate Faculty


Education and Technology


G.B. Henderson is an experienced educator who has taught K-12 and at universities, and has worked as an administrator in schools, at school board offices and with the provincial government. He has instructed in a variety of academic disciplines, designed new curricula, and taught creative problem-solving to students, teachers and business groups. His focus at Royal Roads has been on 21st century learning skills and their implications for instruction and educational administration. Most recently, he has worked with Chinese administrators tasked with enacting educational/instructional reforms.


Henderson joined the associate faculty of Royal Roads University in February 2009. Since then, he has been designing courses and instructing in the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management and teaching Chinese school officials in both Beijing and Victoria. Prior to joining Royal Roads, he was Director of Technology Supported Learning for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. He has made numerous presentations on the impact of technology on education to teachers, administrators, senior policy staff in the ministry and the Canadian School Boards Association.


Henderson has completed almost all of the course work, but not the thesis, for a Doctorate of Education in educational administration from the University of Regina. He holds a Master of Education in communications and art and a Bachelor of Education in English and math from the University of Saskatchewan.