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Eva Malisius

Eva Malisius


Associate Professor


Humanitarian Studies


Dr. Eva Malisius is a core faculty member in the School of Humanitarian Studies and program head for the Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management. She is passionate about bringing theory and practice together to empower individuals, teams and communities to deal with conflict constructively, and to support better understanding of decision-making processes, cultures and identity from organizational to international contexts. Some of Malisius’ research interests focus on the use of mediation/alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a tool for dialogue in peace processes and peacebuilding, national differences in universal norms and policy-making and organizational dynamics with a focus on institutional learning and change. Her recent research includes conflict competence in leadership and teams, human rights related to early stages of human life and the integration of video assignments in learning and teaching. Malisius often writes and speaks about conflict in all of its aspects from the interpersonal to the community level, the national to the international level, encouraging all of us to consider conflict as a fact of life and how to engage with conflict more constructively.


Before joining Royal Roads in 2012, Malisius worked for more than 10 years in various functions, including at NATO’s Headquarters in Brussels, a news correspondent’s office in Brussels (German public television ZDF), as a conflict consultant based in Berlin with various ministries and international aid organizations and teaching and training university students and peace professionals for a number of institutions in Europe, North America, and South East Asia. A large part of her applied conflict engagement experience stems from Malisius’ work with CSSP Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation, a Berlin based NGO she co-founded and shaped while serving on its board of directors until 2010. CSSP is a mediation-focused organization, combining advocacy with the implementation of tailor-made, holistic mediation processes focusing on post-conflict regions and the empowerment of interethnic/intercommunity dialogue at the local level. Most of Malisius’ work with CSSP was focused on the Western Balkan region, specifically Kosovo and fyro-Macedonia, as well as strengthening conflict capacity of local leaders through workshops and trainings. In the early development stages of the organization, Malisius contributed to shaping the organization’s operating methodology Integrative Mediation, and developed its capacity-building training components, while also building the organizational structures and overseeing the team staff. 


Malisius is a German national and earned a PhD (2011) and Master of Arts (2000) in International Relations from the University of Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts in (1999) in Political Science, History and Law at the University of Freiburg with an exchange year at Michigan State University. Malisius has also completed mediation certification training, advanced trainings related to conflict engagement, supervision, and coaching, and is certified in Cultural Intelligence. Malisius was honoured with the 2015 Royal Roads Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award.