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David Wright

David Wright


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College of Interdisciplinary Studies


David Wright is a teacher of film, literature, composition and international studies, interested in the multifaceted and hybridized nature of contemporary communication. He believes that as we re-negotiate our fundamental understandings around identity, it follows that our messages should also be in flux, and what we have to say, how we say it, and how we are heard (or seen) depends on where we are coming from. Within his practice in the academy, he is chiefly concerned with pedagogy. A lifetime student, Wright is fascinated with how we learn, how we learn differently, and how to construct learning environments and experiences to maximize our learning.


Wright has been a tenured English professor at Mt. Hood Community College in Portland, Oregon for more than 15 years. He teaches literature, composition, film and international studies courses. He has also taught English at the university level in Canada, South Korea and Poland.


Wright holds a Master of Arts in English Language and Literature from the University of Virginia (1994), a Bachelor of Arts in English (honours) from the University of Michigan (1990); and, has completed coursework in film studies at the University of Virginia and Portland State University.