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Darby Houliston

Darby Houliston


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Tourism and Hospitality Management

In her work as a business leader in the tourism and hospitality field, Darby Houliston brings a broad range of industry knowledge and expertise, with more than 15 years of experience in operations management, food and beverage, and destination and disaster emergency management. She trains teams to reach their full potential through ongoing mentorship and a hands-on approach to experiential learning. Houliston believes in working collaboratively with surrounding communities to make tourist destinations as sustainable as possible. Houliston teaches that creating an exceptional and memorable guest experience begins at the individual level, and that each connection with guests brings an opportunity to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships, which leads to returning guests for years to come. When working as an operations manager or educator, Houliston works to make everyone feel at home, whether they are guests, staff or students.

Houliston has more than 15 years of experience in the tourism and hospitality field with a strong background in the food and beverage industry. She specializes in operations management and special events coordination. She most recently managed the operations of a 40-room luxury boutique hotel on Long Island, Bahamas, where she had the opportunity to create unforgettable guest experiences in a stunning oceanfront setting. The resort earned the number one resort rating on TripAdvisor for resorts in the Bahamas during Houliston’s tenure.