Royal Roads cadet documentaries to air on CHEK TV

November 6, 2014
Susan Down
Former cadets share tales of military college life on Nov. 11.

Two documentaries on Victoria’s former military college will be broadcast on CHEK TV on Remembrance Day from at 1 p.m and 2 p.m. Both documentaries offer a fascinating glimpse into the personal experience of cadets at Royal Roads during its years as a military college through interviews with ex-cadets, photos and original film footage. The interviewees discuss their first impressions of military discipline, their struggles through muddy obstacle courses and the rewards of camaraderie and achievement.

The first documentary, Coming Full Circle, produced in 2008, covers the first three decades of RRMC (1940-1970). The ex-cadets interviewed talk about the challenges as well as the pranks and other lighter moments in a cadet’s life. The second documentary, Ingrained In Us, completed in 2013, covers the period from the 1970s, the introduction of female cadets in the 1980s, up to the final graduation parade in 1995.

Royal Roads University produced the first documentary and partnered with local company Asterisk Productions Ltd. for production of the second video. Learn more about our military heritage projects.

Established in 1940 to provide naval officer training during World War II, Royal Roads grew to become Canada’s western military college serving all three branches of the armed forces until its closure in 1995. Royal Roads University opened later the same year.