Alumnus uses air waves for environmental change

May 20, 2011
Amy Dove
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Kris White is taking his message to the airways.

Having graduated from Royal Roads Bachelor of Environmental Science program in 2009, White was eager to share his knowledge around sustainability and encourage people to look into a variety of different issues. He is an environmental consultant for a Victoria-based company, but on the side, he is using radio to spread awareness and understanding about pressing environmental issues.

"I had this urge to engage the community on a grassroots level," he says. "To take the information I had been gathering and share it."

An Ontario native, White approached Brock University with his idea first. It was there, through a lot of trial and error, and a lot of persistence, that he cultivated his on air style with the K-Dub Show, he says. Three stations later and the show has evolved into a platform for showcasing Canadian music and informing the public on important issues, he says.

"I have designed a unique platform that divides the interviews with the music," he says. "I like to tell people that the music of the featured artist is the commercials."

Being a bit of a music aficionado, White looks for Canadian talent that isn't getting a lot, or any, airplay on commercial stations. Recent shows have featured groups such as Cancer Bats, Creep Show and Walk Off The Earth.

For the interview component, White seeks out topics that interest him or issues that are hitting the mainstream news. He looks for angles the mainstream media aren't covering, he says. Some shows are based on his guest's availability and feature local voices often. The show is not without a Royal Roads presence, as associate faculty member Norm Hardy was recently interviewed, and core faculty member and ecologist Jonathan Moran will be a guest in June. Both men are from the School of Environment and Sustainability.

"(The information out there) can be a lot to try and understand, and then to try to relay back in layman's terms. My goal is to promote sustainability on the Island," White says. "I would like Vancouver Island to be a leader in sustainably that the rest of the country can follow."

The K-Dub Show airs Tuesdays, from 11 a.m. to noon, at CFUV 101.9 FM. The show can be live streamed from

Photo credit: Georgia Johnston