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Royal Roads alumni empower others to shape their own future

September 27, 2018

Working with Vancouver agency Will, Royal Roads University has launched a follow up to their Shape Your Future campaign which posed a series of provocative questions around the barriers facing working professionals considering a return to school.

In the latest installment of the campaign, Royal Roads provides answers, tips and guidance to help prospective students tackle those barriers by talking to working professionals who know first-hand the type of challenges and benefits of going back to school – Royal Roads alumni.

“The alumni base at Royal Roads is a notoriously passionate group with a wealth of personal experience navigating school amidst busy careers and family lives. We wanted to share those experiences in a transparent way, using their own words rather than the typical sales jargon,” said Lisa Lebedovich, Creative Director.

Through a series of targeted Facebook, LinkedIn, and display ads, prospective students are driven to one of four segmented landing pages at where they can learn more about the honest experiences of past alumni in entertaining and informative videos hosted by Canadian influencer and TV personality Jesse Jones.

The landing page also contains video tips from alumni, as well as information on degree programs and courses that help people move forward in their career and life.

“The Shape Your Future campaign takes an honest look at the challenges and concerns many professionals face when considering a return to school – whether it’s about how to balance family life, or how to return to school without putting your career on hold. By acknowledging these challenges and sharing authentic stories and advice from real alumni, we hope to encourage others to realize their full potential in lifelong learning,” said Catherine Riggins, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Alumni Relations.  

The digitally driven campaign launched in September and runs until March of next year.