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New scholarship fund breaks down barriers for graduate students

June 26, 2018
Doctor of Social Sciences student Maria Anderson with Minister Melanie Mark and President Allan Cahoon. Photo by Derek Ford.

The Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training has awarded $180,000 for the establishment of a scholarship fund at Royal Roads University to support graduate students pursuing innovative research.

The new merit-based scholarships will support awards of $15,000 each for students pursuing graduate degrees in research-intensive or professional programs.

 “Graduate students at Royal Roads University are tackling real-world problems. They’re figuring out how we can be environmentally sustainable, how communities can be more inclusive, and how technology can enhance learning,” says Melanie Mark, Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. “Giving them the support they need to follow their dreams builds a stronger BC for everyone.” 

“With 70 per cent of our programs at a graduate level, Royal Roads is the only university in Canada that is primarily a graduate post-secondary institution. As such, graduate research is an essential part of what Royal Roads students do,” says President and Vice-Chancellor Allan Cahoon. “This scholarship fund will help make graduate studies even more accessible and allow us to continue to attract some of the best student researchers in the province, who will then apply what they learn to make positive change in our communities.”

"This scholarship funding sends a message of extraordinary support to current and prospective graduate students that the work we have undertaken is valued by senior leaders and our communities," says Maria Anderson, Doctor of Social Sciences student and the student representative to the Royal Roads Board of Governors. "For some, it will mean the difference between pursuing post-secondary education, or never having that chance."

Royal Roads is working with the ministry to finalize the scholarship fund’s award criteria and guidelines.

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