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New Certificate Targets Evolution of Values-Based Leadership in Business

July 5, 2011

Royal Roads University will launch a new graduate certificate in values-based leadership this fall. The certificate addresses a growing opportunity in the marketplace to provide learning and practical resources for organizational leaders to align actions and decisions with their values and those of society.

"Corporate Social Responsibility has been a buzz word for years now in business," says Marilyn Taylor, academic lead for this certificate being delivered jointly by the Institute for Values-Based Leadership, founded on the ground-breaking work of the Todd Thomas Institute, and the Centre for Applied Leadership and Management at Royal Roads University. "We believe that this certificate will provide corporate executives with the values-based understanding and tools they need to run a 21st century organization."

Among the other professors enlisted to facilitate this innovative certificate will be Richard Barrett, an acknowledged international figure in this new leadership paradigm who is an author and the founder of the Barrett Values Centre.

Also teaching in the program is Mark Fulton, a leadership educator and senior consultant with Intersol, a consultancy that provides team-based competency in organizations. Both have significant experience in supporting leaders around the world in building values-based organizations.

"Organizational culture has become the new frontier of competitive advantage," Barrett says. "From businesses to nation states across more than 60 countries, we've seen how a dialogue about values can change the paradigm of leadership. Cultural transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders. In order to manage the change you have to measure it. This is the reason I developed the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT)."

The new graduate certificate in values-based leadership provides nine graduate credits and professional certification in the use of the Cultural Transformation Tools. The credits from this certificate can be used toward electives in other Royal Roads programs such as, nine credits towards a master's in interdisciplinary studies, six credits towards a master's in business administration (MBA), or three credits towards the master's in leadership.

"We must recognize that decisions we make individually, and in our organizations and governments, have repercussions around the globe," Barrett says. "We must not be afraid to take our highest values to work.  It is time for each of us to engage fully in transforming the values of business." 

Applicants who do not have the formal academic education to qualify for admission may be assessed on the basis of their prior learning and leadership experience in accordance with the Royal Roads innovative flexible admission policy.

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