Royal Roads in the Media

January 3, 2019
CFAX 1070
School of Communication and Culture Assoc. Prof. David Black spoke with CFAX 1070’s Adam Stirling about why we make resolutions in the new year, and...
January 3, 2019
Times Colonist
The Times Colonist spoke with Dr. Philip Steenkamp on his first day as Royal Roads University’s new president and vice-chancellor. Here is an excerpt...
December 24, 2018
CBC News
Social media expert and Royal Road’s Assoc. Prof. Jaigris Hodson weighs in on CBC’s look back at how 2018 showed social media can be used to spread...
December 21, 2018
Voters’ decision to keep the first past the post electoral system in the recent referendum didn’t come as a surprise to School of Communication and...
December 18, 2018
CFAX 1070
School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Kenneth Christie was interviewed by Adam Stirling on CFAX 1070 about civil unrest and terrorist activity in...
December 18, 2018
The National
Master of Arts in Leadership student Sarah Greig appeared on CBC’s The National in a report on a safe injection site in Toronto that helps save the...
December 14, 2018
National Post, The Conversation
The National Post and The Conversation have featured an article by Doctor of Social Sciences candidate Louise Zimanyi on the power of children’s...