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RRU Unveils New Brand

June 7, 2012
Douglas Magazine
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(News Release) VICTORIA — Royal Roads University (RRU) is unveiling its re-imagined brand this week. Nearly two years in the making, it speaks to the institution's unique points of difference.

The new look and feel will include everything from its logo, tagline, website, and advertising to on-site applications, and will be applied broadly across campus life.

RRU is unparalleled in both its beauty and academic offering. It's where 19th-century tradition meets 21st-century technology — offering professional quality education that is applicable to the real world, for both Canadian and international graduates and undergraduates.

The university's learning model allows work and life to co-exist, and the personalized admission process takes into account attributes that other institutions may overlook. The new brand highlights these features, while also distilling what alumni, faculty, students, and staff all agree upon — that RRU is a life-changing and transforming experience.

The newly unveiled logo takes the famous Hatley Castle Turret (the castle has been featured in Hollywood blockbusters such as X-Men), and rebuilds the image using colourful pixels to create a juxtaposition between traditional and online learning — testament to the unique model offered by the university.

The pixels then shift into a bold foundation, telling a story of "transformation" just like that which you experience as a student. The new tagline, "Life.Changing," speaks to the RRU experience. "Life" covers relevance to both the personal and professional spheres, while "Changing" highlights a constant evolution. A short video has been created to showcase the brand for staff, students, and prospects alike.

RRU vice-president Cyndi McLeod says the new brand brings the university's offering to life in a crowded marketplace.

"We are an award-winning, highly regarded educational institution — receiving consistently positive reviews from those who know us best. Our students and our expanding group of alumni around the world, strongly endorse the quality of educational programming, the benefits of collaborative learning and the opportunity to apply their education in the real world.

"From a strategic perspective, as we grow and evolve nationally and internationally, it's vital that our brand effectively highlights this offering."

Branding and marketing director Catherine Riggins says the work is truly authentic.

"The best brand positions are those that speak the truth, and the consistent feedback from students, faculty, and alumni was that, regardless of which program you were part of, Royal Roads University is an enriching, fulfilling, and above all 'transforming' life experience. It's wonderful to see RRU now has a brand model that showcases our strengths. It's been incredibly well received internally by staff and students alike, which is further testament to its authenticity."

Cossette Communications vice-president and creative director Nick Richards says the process of RRU's brand rejuvenation was as important as the outcome.

"Royal Roads University recognized the value of building a brand from the ground-up — solidifying the brand strategy, before giving consideration to design. The development of RRU's new strategy and brand involved extensive research, collaboration and feedback from within. It has been a pleasure to be part of, and it's wonderful to see this strategy acting as the backbone of everything the university now does."

The process of brand revision began two years ago at RRU including consultation with alumni, faculty, and students. Their feedback and a series of brand workshops then led to the building of the new brand model. A brand strategy and architecture were then put in place, followed by the development of visual design. Internal celebrations were held to ensure employee and student engagement, ahead of the public unveil.

The new brand launched with a public unveiling of the new logo and website, which is now live at Campus applications, such as new signage, have begun and a creative advertising campaign covering print, digital and outdoor media will roll out over the next two months. Agencies involved include Cossette Communications and Citizen Optimum, working in collaboration with RRU’s internal marketing and creative services team.