Royal Roads marks 75th anniversary

April 23, 2015
Times Colonist
Richard Watts
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The Times Colonist  spoke with President and Vice-Chancellor Allan Cahoon and Dave Bindernagel, the last commandant of Royal Roads Military College, about the upcoming Sunset Ceremony and the 75th celebrations.

An excerpt from the article:

(Bindernagel) finished his officer’s education with a bachelor’s degree in politics and economics before spending his working life in the navy. Bindernagel gives full credit to the team-building and leadership training he received at Royal Roads, along with his academic courses.

“It’s the knowledge that you can handle things no matter what,” he said. “It’s just a matter of making sure you maintain conviction and focus and can rely on others.”

Allan Cahoon, president and vice-chancellor of Royal Roads University, said the same approach continues today.

“We are what we have come from,” said Cahoon. “I am very much a firm believer in that.

“Our focus that we had as a military college was to prepare leaders and people for leading change,” said Cahoon. “Both of which I would say we are doing today."

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