Royal Roads lends a pen

August 3, 2012
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Victoria, BC-based Royal Roads University recently launched its rebranding campaign, with media and creative by Cossette, with an interactive pen wall at Vancouver’s Burrard Station.

The wall featured 5,000 pens branded with one of the key words representing the school’s values, such as creativity, curiosity and determination. The majority of the pens were removeable, and as commuters took them off the wall the remaining writing utensils, which were soldered, on spelled out Royal Road’s new tagline “Life. Changing”, says Michael Milardo, creative director, Cossette Vancouver.

Other components of the launch campaign, which is running until September, include transit shelter ads highlighting the university’s key values, such as a peephole which demonstrates ‘creativity’, and a do-not-push button to illustrate ‘willfulness’, says Milardo. A print execution running in newspapers in the Vancouver area also encourages participation by including a set of questions which are only answered when the reader interacts and folds the panels of the page.