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Robin Cox: donation of goods for disaster relief can be problematic

May 17, 2016
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School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Robin Cox spoke with hosts Roger Kingkade and Rob Breakenridge of Calgary’s CHQR FM 770 radio program May 17 about why the donation of funds to reputable organizations is a better choice for disaster relief than the donation of goods.

The interview starts at 35:00. Here is an excerpt:

“It’s wonderful that people are motivated in that way to give and obviously we want to encourage that. But what we know from the research and from working in disasters is that often the kinds of donations people make can themselves become a problem or a ‘second disaster’ in a way. Just from a logistical perspective, a lot of the goods that are donated, while well intentioned, are not necessarily the goods that are needed nor are they necessarily delivered at the time they are needed,” says Cox.

Listen to the entire interview.