The Invisible Learners Taking MOOCs

May 27, 2015
Inside Higher Ed
George Veletsianos
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In a piece for Insider Higher Ed, Prof. George Veletsianos discusses how he is trying to better understand open courses and their learners. 

An excerpt from his article:

“Anyone, anywhere, at any point in time will be able to take advantage of high quality education.”

That could be a tagline from just about any enthusiast or provider of open online courses (often called MOOCs). The intention certainly seems laudable and, if not transformational, at least desirable. 

What are the caveats?

Recent research suggests that the majority of people enrolled in these open online courses are highly educated. As far as US participants are concerned, a large percentage also live in high-income neighborhoods.

And yet, despite the extensive research and data on open online courses, we really do not know much about these millions of learners engaged in everything from courses on computer science to poetry to physiotherapy to gender studies to bioinformatics.

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