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Hodson on the demise of Gawker

September 7, 2016
CFAX Radio
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College of Interdisciplinary Studies Assistant Prof. and Program Head Jaigris Hodson was interviewed by Terry Moore on CFAX Radio about the bankruptcy and demise of gossip website Gawker and the disruption of journalism.

Here is an excerpt:

“This is a really complicated case—you either love or hate Gawker. I think we can respect the fact that there have been tabloids and gossip rags since the beginning of mass communication and those weren’t going away,” says Hodson. “I think we need to separate what Gawker published from the real issue here which to me and to many supporters of the free and open internet is a big issue for journalism and this idea that somebody can bankrupt you if they don’t like what you’ve printed.”

Listen to the full interview starting at 36:12 in the podcast.