Educator hopes $5-million gift to Royal Roads will build understanding

December 3, 2014
Times Colonist
Jeff Bell
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The operator of 40 schools in China says a shared philosophy inspired him to make the largest-ever donation to Royal Roads University.

Sherman Jen, founder of Maple Leaf Educational Systems, announced the $5-million gift at a ceremony on Wednesday.

His company’s schools serve about 15,000 students and are the first offshore schools to be accredited by B.C.’s Ministry of Education. The schools offer students dual diplomas based on both the Chinese and B.C. high-school curriculums.

Jen, who spends time in China and Canada, said his strong connection to Royal Roads includes an honorary degree awarded to him last year and noted that the recognition made him an official alumnus of the university.

“In my convocation address last year, I stated my belief that much of the world’s conflict comes because people don’t understand each other,” he said.

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