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Distracted driving prevention app - underlying addiction to internet may be the cause

February 12, 2015
Shaw TV
Rajie Kabli

RRU associate faculty member Dr. Paul Mohapel comments on the underlying factors that may support the introduction of measures like a new preventative distracted driving app. that disables your vehicle until your smartphone is turned off and docked.

In this story Mohapel discusses the impacts of over use of technology like our smartphones. He says research has shown that the number one motivator for people to go online, especially younger people, is not for the pleasure or joy of connecting, but out of fear of being left out. He says people reach for their phones at innappropriate times (like driving) because addictive behaviour has taken over - we know it's wrong, but we've lost control.

Watch the full story here (Mohapel appears at about 1:45 in the story.)