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Ceremony marks 100th anniversary of the Battle of Coronel

November 14, 2014
Royal Canadian Navy Pacific Region News
Jamie Cook
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Canada’s first casualties of World War I were honoured by Royal Roads and the Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) in a ceremony held at the university Nov. 1.

The Nov. 1, 1918 Battle of Coronel claimed the lives of 1,600 sailors and officers aboard the HMS Good Hope and the HMS Monmouth. Four of the young sailors aboard the HMS Good Hope were graduates of the first class of the Royal Naval College of Canada.  

An article in the Royal Canadian Navy Pacific Region News website reports on the commemoration. Here is an excerpt:

“Dr. Geoffrey Bird of Royal Roads University acknowledged that ‘the navy faces a particular challenge when it comes to memorializing its battles: the challenge of visiting the spot where the battle occurred, or physically marking the site for eternity.’ Though the battle took place thousands of miles away off the coast of Coronel, Chile, Dr. Bird reflected that Royal Roads was a fitting place to commemorate the loss ‘here with these artifacts, on this site that celebrates [Royal Roads’] heritage as a naval and military college, and with the Royal Canadian Navy.’”

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