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Casavant responds to “killing to conserve” study

March 17, 2019
Times Colonist

Doctor of Social Sciences candidate Bryce Casavant responded in the Times Colonist to Robert Serrouya’s study that suggests more wolves and moose should be culled to reverse the decline of caribou, saying it contains misinformation and lacks critical assessment.

Here is an excerpt:

I recognize that this is a difficult time for debates on caribou-recovery options, especially predator controls such as wolf culls and organized predator bounties. However, this does not mean we invent science to support age-old predator rhetoric. [...] Serrouya has rendered interpretive conclusions, which, upon review of his paper, appear to lack a critical assessment of cumulative effects. [...] These conclusions, which support the continued killing of wolves in B.C. in order to save caribou, are at best an attempt to rationalize a century-old management practice of ‘killing to conserve.’

This story first appeared in the TimesColonist.