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Black on the effect of viral videos on pro rep vote

November 18, 2018
Canadian Press, 59 publications
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A Vancouver filmmaker who supports a change to BC’s voting system has scored a win with his entertaining viral videos, says School of Communication and Culture Assoc. Prof. David Black.

In an article by the Canadian Press featured in the Toronto Star, Black says homemade videos by Joel McCarthy in support of proportional representation are well aimed at younger voters.

Here is an excerpt:

“Millennial voters are more interested in understanding how issues blend together as opposed to older voters who look to draw lines between opinion and facts, said Black.

“‘What we’re seeing in these videos is not so different than what we see in the Trevor Noah or Stephen Colbert shows,’ he said. ‘Ironic, mocking, kind of post-modern mash-up style, audio dubbing and breaking down traditional barriers between information and entertainment, between opinion and straight news.’ […]

“‘This is an issue where millennials are in a position to transform the electoral machinery and hence the political and policy environments that they will inherit,’ said Black. ‘That’s a heck of an opportunity for any generation.’”

This article by the Canadian Press appeared in the Toronto Star and numerous other Canadian publications.