Ask The Experts: Education can be a lifelong endeavour in the workforce

October 21, 2014
Business in Vancouver
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Zoe MacLeod, director of Royal Roads University Centre for Coaching and Workplace Innovation, offers advice on what to do when you've gone as far as you can in your organization with the education you have. 

The long answer is: it depends. As someone who works in the education sector and as an executive coach, I work through this question with many people seeking similar answers.

It sounds as though you might be considering a change. If this is the case, then there are a few questions to ask yourself that might help you determine your path forward.

1. Are you happy with the job and position you have? Are you happy or just comfortable? If you are seeking advancement, and you feel stuck, then it’s likely time for you to learn something new.

2. Are you looking to advance inside your organization? What skills do you think you might need in order to increase your capabilities and support the direction of the organization?

3. Are you considering changing careers? Think ahead to the year 2020. What do you see yourself doing? What fulfils you? When you have a great day at work, what happened? What do you like best about the work that you do?

4. Who are your biggest advocates and supporters (friends, family, colleagues, mentors, coaches) – make a list – who could explore possibilities with you?

Whatever your decision, learning is the answer. If you decide you are ready for a change, go learn something new.

If you decide that you are comfortable in the current work that you do, go learn something new. The key to advancement, in any capacity, is learning. Quite often, we think we’ll be able to find more time, more money and more support to continue learning. There is never a right time.

There is only now. Keep learning.