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Citation for Sherman Jen

Sherman Jen is a visionary. Eighteen years ago, he identified China’s emerging educational needs to prepare the Chinese workforce with the skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly global context.

As founder and CEO of Maple Leaf Educational Systems, Sherman built on the best the Chinese education system has to offer by reaching out to Canada, and specifically B.C. The result was a cross-cultural experience that prepares bright and inquisitive Chinese students to participate effectively in the global community.

Maple Leaf Educational Systems is the largest private international school system in China and Canada’s largest offshore school system. Under Sherman’s direction, Maple Leaf opened the first international school recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the first offshore school accredited by the British Columbia Ministry of Education.

Sherman’s innovative education model offers Chinese and English bilingual teaching from the preschool to high school level. Graduates of Maple Leaf schools are awarded both Chinese and British Columbian high school diplomas. The Maple Leaf school network has grown from one school with 14 students in 1995 to 30 schools teaching more than 12,500 students today.

The educational concept of blending the best of Chinese and Western educational practice, first introduced by Sherman, has been at the forefront of the trend of globalization in education. The approach has satisfied the educational demands of the growing Chinese middle class.

Sherman’s entrepreneurial and pioneering approach to his business aligns with Royal Roads University’s vision to connect people, ideas and experiences to change lives and the world. He truly gives his students a unique and innovative learning experience that offers the promise of opportunity.

For his contribution to education and cross-cultural understanding, Royal Roads is honoured to present Sherman Jen for the honorary degree, Doctor of Laws.