Citation for Myer Horowitz

Myer Horowitz’s career has revolved around one constant truth – people come first. He has built a legacy through teaching, administrative roles, advocacy and volunteer work, all centered on sharing his vision for an education system that supports individuals to be their best.

Mindful of the people around him, Myer is known for his thoughtful, inclusive approach. With a keen sense of humour, he is generous with his time and quick to celebrate the achievements of others. Throughout his career, he has strived to create a learning environment where people can be productive in their learning, teaching and community engagement.

Born in Montreal, Myer started his professional career as a teacher in elementary and secondary schools. He later taught at McGill University and the University of Alberta, where he eventually served as president for a decade.

Outside of the university, he advocated for universally accessible early childhood services, and was active in the advocacy that led to the reversal of the Alberta government’s decision to significantly reduce funding for kindergartens. He has also worked with organizations such as the Child and Adolescent Services Association, Success by 6, the Salvation Army and the YMCA.

Now a Victoria resident, Myer continues to impact the lives of learners as an adjunct professor at Royal Roads University and the University of Victoria. As a long-standing member of Royal Roads University’s Ethics Board, his wisdom and experience lent credibility to the university as it launched its online learning model in 1995. At a time when Royal Roads was viewed by some as a “West Coast experiment,” Myer saw the potential in the powerful combination of applied experiential, team-based learning and helped others see it as well.

For his lasting contributions to the Canadian education system, Royal Roads University is proud to present Myer Horowitz for the honorary degree, Doctor of Laws.