Citation for Louise Rose

Louise Rose has a powerful voice for making music and inspiring change in our community.

Born in Pennsylvania, Louise spent her childhood immersed in music and was conducting her grandfather’s church choir by the age of eight. She came to Victoria in the 1970s and fell in love with the city – and the city fell in love with her. 

An accomplished vocalist, pianist, composer and arranger, Louise uses her talents to bring people together through music. She has worked with many prominent artists such as Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles, but equally rewarding for her is giving a voice to the young, the sick and the disadvantaged.

Louise’s Open Door Choir at Our Place offers members of Victoria’s homeless and at-risk community an opportunity to connect in a positive setting and get a melodic boost to their self-esteem. As the musical guide for the We Rage, We Weep Alzheimer’s Foundation, she encourages patients to express themselves through song and have some fun. And for 15 years, Louise has been leading the Victoria Good News Choir, which is open to all and regularly performs in hospitals and care facilities. Members of her choirs and members of her audiences say the same thing: Louise’s positive attitude and smile are contagious.

Louise is also passionate about working with youth. She has been artist-in-residence at a number of high schools and gives workshops across North America. By giving young people the support and space they need to express themselves and work together, Louise is helping to build future generations of collaborative leaders.

In recent years, Louise has been working with Government House and the Salvation Army to raise funds to create residential care for young women who are recovering from substance abuse. Perhaps Louise’s words, “You are worthy simply because you’re breathing,” best explain the value she places on giving back to all members of her community.

For her outstanding contributions to community building, Royal Roads University is proud to present Louise Rose for the Chancellor’s Community Recognition Award.