Citation for Isabel Lloyd

Isabel Lloyd has always believed in making a difference. She started off small, organizing meal deliveries for the elderly and disabled in Vancouver and Winnipeg.  Forty years later, her dedication to public service is still improving the lives of British Columbians - and countless people around the world.

Ms. Lloyd's fierce intellect and management skills helped her rise to the upper echelons of B.C.'s civil service in an era of opaque glass ceilings. Government programs we take for granted today - such as home support for the elderly and disabled, and comprehensive long-term care - are thanks to Ms. Lloyd's compassion, her tenacity as a problem-solver, and her dedicated leadership. She is nothing less than a role model for women and all public servants looking to make a difference.

In 1978, after only five years with the provincial government, Ms. Lloyd was appointed assistant deputy minister in the B.C. Ministry of Health. In the 1980s she served as deputy minister of women's programs and youth services, deputy minister of advanced education and job training, and acting deputy minister of labour.

But with an adventurer's spirit, in 1988 Ms. Lloyd took an opportunity to work in Thailand for the Canadian International Development Agency, developing women's economic and leadership programs. Mirroring her meteoric rise in the B.C. government, Ms. Lloyd was soon running programs for CIDA in Southeast Asia.

During her overseas career, Ms. Lloyd has provided seasoned advice on social policy, human rights and women's programs to senior officials in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Canadian ambassadors and CIDA officers have sought her guidance on development issues. She directed CIDA's Southeast Asia Fund that provided resources for developing human rights and democratic institutions throughout the region.

Ms. Lloyd's efforts in developing international understanding and bridging cultural differences are critical for those who want to succeed in today's competitive global environment. We are honoured and delighted to recognize her accomplishments as a model to those who want to succeed in business today. 

For her unparalleled legacy of strengthening social services and democratic institutions in British Columbia and Southeast Asia, Mr. Chancellor, I am pleased to present Isabel Lloyd for the degree, Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.