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Citation for Helen Hughes

Helen Hughes knows the value of contributing to community.

Her career as a municipal councillor spans 22 years and two cities. As a representative for the residents of Saskatoon and Victoria, she applied her insights and leadership to planning, financial and social services issues, often with a focus on bettering the lives of youth and First Nations community members. Known for her persistence and hard work, Helen is dedicated to improving her community, both in spirit and economy. 

Time and time again, Helen proved that she has the ability to not only identify a problem, but also help solve it with relevant and timely solutions. Her community-driven approach ensures others are as engaged in a project as she is.

Notable contributions include her work as a member of the Victoria Public Library Board, where she founded the Lifelong Learning Festival held on International Literacy Day. As councillor responsible for liaising with downtown Victoria, she worked with the medical health officer to organize the Capital Region Action Team on Sexually Exploited Youth. She launched fundraisers such as the Souper Bowls of Hope for the Victoria Youth Empowerment Society in support of its programs and initiated a massive spring cleaning of the whole downtown area called the 60 Minute Scrub Up.

Royal Roads believes that real change happens at the community level and it is successful because of role models like Helen. Her positive impact has been recognized by many organizations, including Royal Roads with a Chancellor’s Community Recognition Award. She continues to be an active volunteer in the community and is steadfast in her belief that everyone has something to contribute.

For her distinguished record of serving her fellow citizens, not only as a community leader, but in demonstrating to our alumni the value of service and the importance of making a difference, Royal Roads is honoured to present Helen Hughes for the honorary degree, Doctor of Laws.