Fall 2005 Convocation

Fall convocation celebrates decade with new beginnings

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Royal Roads University celebrated its 10th anniversary with a convocation ceremony that honoured two leaders who helped the university forge a new way of delivering higher education.

Hugh Gordon, the first chancellor and chair of the RRU board of governors, and RRU president emeritus Dr. Gerry Kelly, who served as president from March 1996 through October 2002, were recognized.

“Hugh Gordon and Gerry Kelly seized the notion that people were willing and capable of learning throughout their lives – and looking for ways to do so that overcame the constraints they live under,” said RRU president Richard Skinner. “These two men believed in the marrow of their bones that universities shouldn’t be about keeping people out, but getting people in. They remained true to their course. They never blinked.”

The 704 graduands included 50 students from the Master’s of Environmental Education and Communication and the Master’s of Applied Communication – the first to graduate from those two new programs.

“Royal Roads has responded to the needs of a 21st century workforce,” Gordon said. “Relevant research and programs with an emphasis on lifelong learning are pillars of this student-centred university and it has been a pleasure and an honour to be a part of establishing what I think is a university of the future.”


Award Recipients

Honorary Degree Recipient
Noranit Setabutr has devoted much of his career to improving the standards of education in Thailand.
Honorary Degree Recipient
Jingjai Hanchanlash has a distinguished business career and has fostered strong relationships between Canada and Thailan