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Royal Roads University Chancellor's Award

Value: Plaque

A plaque presented to one graduating student in each degree program per year in recognition of having achieved the highest academic performance.  For offshore programs, the Chancellor's Awards will be bestowed to one student from each of RRU's education partners.

Each program has been assigned a main ceremony, either June or November, where this award is offered. Students who graduate between main ceremonies will automatically be included in the next competition.

Main Ceremony is June

  • MA/MSc in Environment and Management
  • MA in Environmental Education and Communication
  • MA in Global Leadership
  • MA in Intercultural and International Communication
  • MA in Leadership
  • MA in Tourism Management
  • MBA in Executive Management
  • Master of Global Management
  • BBA in Sustainability and International Business

Main Ceremony is November

  • Doctor of Social Sciences
  • MA in Conflict Analysis and Management
  • MA in Disaster and Emergency Management
  • MA in Educational Leadership and Management
  • MA/MSc in Environmental Practice
  • MA in Higher Education Administration and Leadership
  • MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding
  • MA in Interdisciplinary Studies
  • MA in Learning and Technology
  • MA in Professional Communciation
  • MBA in Executive Management (IIBE)
  • MBA in Executive Management (Shenzhen Fu You Investment Management)
  • MBA in Executive Management (Pearl River Training Centre)
  • MBA in Executive Management (Royal Tak Ming Institute of Management)
  • MBA in Executive Management (Progressive Meritocracy Limited, Bangladesh)
  • BA/BSc in Environmental Practice
  • BSc in Environmental Management
  • BSc in Environmental Science
  • BA in Global Tourism Management
  • BA in Interdisciplinary Studies
  • BA in International Hotel Management
  • BA in Justice Studies
  • BA in Professional Communication
  • BCom in Entrepreneurial Management