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Kate Bagnall Perseverance Bursary

Value: $1,000

The Kate Bagnall Perseverance Bursary was created in loving memory and honour of Kate Bagnall (1977 - 2014) who was admired for her spirit and ability to inspire strength in others in overcoming personal challenges. This bursary will serve to support those with financial need who have experienced a life-altering physical, psychological, or emotional trauma or illness and have found the strength to persevere in their education goals. Preference will be given to candidates who have sought medical, mental or emotional counselling and/or have utilized RRU Accessibility Services or RRU's Counselling Services to help reduce physical or emotional barriers in order to pursue their education.

Stella F. Garcia created this minimum $1,000 bursary in memory and honour of her late wife, Kate Bagnall, who lived with laughter as her ethos despite her terminal illness, and inspired others to do the same. Stella is grateful to Gemma Fraser, Registered Clinical Counsellor at State of Mind for her support, assistance, and encouragement throughout her education at Royal Roads.


  • demonstrated reasonable financial need
  • proactive in overcoming physical, psychological, or emotional barriers to education
  • enrolled in the School of Communication and Culture
  • preference given to student accessing professional medical or counselling and/or RRU support services towards that goal

How to Apply

  • this In-Course Award is open to students who are (or will be) active in their program on the deadline date
  • pending the availability of funding, the competition will run annually from March 1st to May 1st (closes 11:59pm PST)
  • applications are submitted online through MyAdmin. A full list of awards in competition will be viewable upon login
  • address eligibility criteria for all awards in that competition in one one-page essay with your name in top margin