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George and Marjorie New Memorial Award

Value: $3,000

The George and Marjorie New Memoroial Award has been established to reward Royal Roads students in the School of Environment and Sustainability who have demonstrated an interest in studying the fields of waste management and/or pollution prevention, and are active in sustainbility efforts in their community.

Mr. George new was born in Worthing, Sussez, England in November 1908 and was brought up in Saskatchewan, Canada. He had a grade 8 education; however, he complete university mathematics from home study and survey school with the Canadian Army. Throughout his career Mr. New was a farmer, a trapper, a prospector, and a surveyor. He also served in the Canadian Army. Mr. New took a great interest in astronomy and teaching and he acted as an invigilator for Corportation examinations well after his retirement. Mr. and Mrs. New have both passed away, however they are survived by two sons, a daughter, and grandchildren.

In preparation for the annual November convocation awards, the School of Environment and Sustainability is invited to put forward one nomination, and include in their consideration all students who are eligible to graduate at the November convocation and those who graduated since the last time the award was presented.


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