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Former Youth in Care Bursary

Value: Up to $10,000

Royal Roads University will offer a bursary each year, starting with the May Entrance Award competition, to one or two admissions applicant(s) who aged out of care from the Ministry of Children and Family Development or who received assistance through the Agreement with Young Adults program. The aim of this bursary is to reduce the financial barrier to achieving an education that is competitive in today’s professional labour market, and to assist the Council of Provincial Child and Youth Advocates further the voice, rights, and dignity of children.

The value of the bursary aims to be the cost of tuition for academic years 3 and 4 of the below-listed undergraduate program at RRU over a maximum of two years, pending the availability of funding to allocate amongst the number of qualified applicants. Ancillary fees and other fees, textbooks, tuition paid to other institutions for electives/transfer courses, and normal cost of living will be the responsibility of the recipient.


  • aged out of care through the child welfare/protection system through the Ministry of Children & Family Development or received assistance through the AYA program
  • be under the age of twenty-six at the start of the academic program
  • completes an Authorization for Release of Information (attach to essay as page 2)
  • demonstrate financial need through the RRU Entrance Award/Bursary program
  • current resident of BC
  • studying towards obtaining his or her first degree
  • entering one of these undergraduate programs:

BA in Global Tourism Management
BA in Interdisciplinary Studies
BA in International Hotel Management
BA in Justice Studies
BA in Professional Communication
Bachelor or Business Administration
BCom in Entrepreneurial Management
BSc in Environmental Management
BSc in Environmental Science

How to Apply

  • this Entrance Award is open to students who will be active in their program after the bursary deadline date
  • pending the availability of funding, the competition will run annually from:
    • March 1st to May 1st (closes 11:59pm PST), and
    • June 1st to August 1st (closes 11:59pm PST)
  • applications are submitted online through MyAdmin

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