What busses stop by RRU?

Buses run 365 days per year in Victoria, Saanich, Sidney, Colwood, Langford, and Sooke.

For commuting to campus, the #39 and #51 run on weekdays to and from UVIC. The #39 stops outside the Grant Building and the #51 stops at the entrance to campus on Sooke Road. 

The #52 covers Langford and Colwood and stops at the bus shelter across from Parking Lot 4.

The #50 runs daily every 10-15 minutes from downtown to Langford and stops a 15-minute walk from the campus, at the Western Exchange.

For additional information please visit BC Transit.

The Victoria Transit system is now linked to Google Maps, so it will show you the best options to get from one place to another at specific times of the day.Using the "Get Directions" feature of google maps, enter your start and end locations and then click on the transit icon to receive transit based information.