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Team Coaching Services

Team Coaching Services

Royal Roads University's learning and teaching model is highly team-based. Our cohort and team-based learning approach means that Royal Roads' students are requested to work intensely in teams throughout their programs. RRU is committed to providing team learning opportunities for students so they develop competencies that will transform their personal and professional lives. We often hear students say that working in teams, is one of the most impactful elements of receiving an RRU education.

Similar to many areas of work and life, sometimes teams face challenges, conflict, and unexpected circumstances. RRU's Team Coaching Services offers support to individuals and teams who are facing challenges, or simply looking for strategies to improve their team effectiveness. Our goal is to support students' academic success, while encouraging the ongoing development of teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills.

Below you will see a variety of resources aimed at supporting team success. We encourage you to review and utilize this material, and contact us if you have questions. If you have a team coach assigned to your program, please communicate questions and concerns directly to your coach. If you don't have a team coach, please contact us for support.

Links to Resources: