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Student Conduct Process

As members of the Royal Roads University community, students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner that fosters an environment in which individual learning and development are maximized. The student conduct process is designed to hold students accountable for their actions while finding positive outcomes that foster a positive learning community following an incident. From start to finish the student conduct process is designed to be an educational and non-punitive approach to building community around our shared values.

The rights and responsibilities of students, including expected standards of behaviour, are outlined in the Policy on Student Rights and Responsibilities. In the case that this policy may have been violated, a formal complaint can be submitted, as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Procedures.

Normally, complaints should be filed within five business days of the incident taking place. Complaints should be submitted using the Incident Report Form.

For additional information on the Policy on Student Rights and Responsibilities, its related procedures, or to submit a complaint or incident report, you can reach Dranna Andrews-Brown, Manager, Student Engagement at 1-800-788-8028 (toll free) or (250) 391-2600 ext. 4760, or by email.