Creating inclusion for students with vision loss

11:00AM to 12:00PM January 14, 2019
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Centre for Dialogue (LIC)

CNIB reports that the unemployment rate for people with vision loss is three times that of the sighted population. 

Anu Pala is an entrepreneur, a disability awareness advocate and a student of our Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication program. She is sharing her insight on how Royal Roads can be an inclusive learning environment for students with vision loss.

This interactive workshop will discuss some of the common challenges faced by students with vision loss; foster inclusion; provide practical tools to support students online and in the classroom; and discuss a variety of assistive technologies and apps used by blind and partially sighted people.

Topics for discussion:

  • Common myths and stereotypes about people living with vision loss
  • Common challenges students with vision loss experience online and on campus
  • Tips on providing a positive experience for the professor and the student
  • Sighted guide technique
  • Popular assistive technologies and apps

This event will be livestreamed and recorded.