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Evaluating your Team

Strong teams use evaluation to guide action steps to ensure enhanced effectiveness. Evaluation techniques can be as brief as a five minute debrief or as complicated as a diagnosis of your overall team. We have provided a few tools below that can be easily integrated in your team process.

Questions to Guide a Successful Team Debrief:

  1. What do you think have been the top strengths in this team?
  2. How would you describe a successful team? Do you believe you are part of a successful team? Please provide specific examples.
  3. What did you do to contribute to the success of this team?
  4. Consider failures as barriers that your team could not overcome, then answer: What did you do to contribute to the failure?
  5. What could you have done differently to enhance your team effectiveness? 
  6. What behavior do you want to shift, enhance, adjust, or change in your next team the future to be an even more effective team member?

Hot Tip - Have your entire team be present, use a timer, have a designated facilitator, give each person time to speak and they can pass if they don’t want to answer.

Team health assessment developed by ITP Metrics