Distance Exams

External Exam Sites

If you are in a blended or distance education program, and reside outside the Greater Victoria Area, the Exams Office will schedule your exams at an external exam invigilation site. If you live in the Greater Victoria Area your exams will be booked at Royal Roads University.

Exam invigilation locations are booked based on the home address provided to RRU.

  • If you move you are required to update your address.
  • You must also notify the Exams Office of your new address by the date specified in your Initial Exam Details email.

Requests for specific invigilation sites are not accepted. Exam invigilation sites are determined by the Exams Office and based on a number of criteria. Exam Coordinators will make every effort to find an exam invigilation site within a reasonable distance (90 minutes maximum). This maximum may be exceeded in extenuating circumstances (e.g. students writing internationally or in very remote areas).

Invigilation Fees

Students are not required to pay for external exam invigilation. All exam invigilation fees will be paid directly to your exam invigilation site by RRU.

Breaks during Exams

Only bathroom breaks are permitted during exams. These breaks will be recorded on the exam roster by your invigilator. No extra time will be given for bathroom breaks.

Exam invigilation site Concerns or Feedback

Any issues with your exam location and/or the manner in which your exam was conducted must be reported to the RRU Exams Office via email within 48 hours of your exam. All complaints will be investigated.