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Building your Team

When you first come together as a new team, there are some important conversations that can guide you in building a strong foundation for success. First, it may be helpful to get to know your new teammates. Below are links to some assessment tools that will help you to learn about your teammates’ personality, preferences, strengths, and communication styles. 

ITP Metrics provides four FREE online assessment tools that are useful throughout your team’s life cycle. As you launch your new team, the personality assessment and conflict management profile, will be particularly useful. Both provide a comprehensive report.

This Communications Style Assessment (PDF) might help the team in understanding the communication and personality preferences within the team, check out the “Hot Tips” in working with different personality styles. The Virtual Teamwork page also contains some valuable resources.

Identifying your strengths may also help the team to learn how to best work together. 

If you choose not to use any formal assessments as part of your team building process, the resources below might help you to get to know each other, and establish expectations as you prepare to develop working agreements or team charters.