PCOM660: Research Paper

Course Description

Constitutes a substantial written examination of a topic relevant to the study of communication. May include replication of relevant studies, application of knowledge to the field, development of instructional practices or resources, evaluations of practices or resources, critical essays, critical analyses of problems or issues, policy analysis or development, creative works, documentary work, and other types of projects negotiated with the instructor and based on publicly available data. Optimum length for a research paper is 30 to 40 pages or 9,000 to 12,000 words (300 words per page) and should involve approximately 200 hours of effort by the student. Pre-requisites: PCOM515 & PCOM630 - MA Professional Communication (PROFCOM-MA); IICS630 - MA Intercultural and International Communication (INTCULCOM-MA).

Course Credits

  • 6.00