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GBLD535: International Cultural Leadership Field Trip: Strategic Partnerships

Course Description

Engage students in understanding the advantages of strategic global partnerships through online study of theoretical concepts followed by a 12-day field trip to an international country. This trip would provide opportunity to experience cross-cultural dimensions of global leadership and engage in discussions with key geo-political stakeholder groups, which may include indigenous groups, civil society activists and groups, the military, and entrepreneurial businesses. Daily excursions in regions of the country provide opportunity to experience geographical and cultural differences, the history, influence of religion and cultures, and environmental challenges, such as, water scarcity, air pollution, oil exploration, or mining issues, Excursions provide a contextualized understanding of economic disparity, indigenous or minority group concerns, and political change. Opportunities for socio-political and economic development will be discussed. Pre-requisites: GBLD 501 and GBLD 505, or with permission. *pending approval

Course Credits

  • 3.00