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EECO680: Leadership for Environmental Action

Course Description

Applies concepts, knowledge, and skills learned throughout the MAEEC program to help review thesis progress and assess current and future goals. The work is seen through two complementary lenses: leadership and conflict. Applied concepts to be explored include self-awareness, teamwork, self-directed learning, collaboration, negotiation, conflict management, focus and mindful self-regulation both in the residence and in organizational and community settings. Provides a forum for sharing thesis progress and results with peers and to consider the larger implications for environmental education and communication. Reviews and evaluates the MAEEC program experience, reflecting on personal and cohort legacy in the form of the problem-based Legacy Box, designing the closing ceremony for all cohorts. As the graduating cohort, EECO 680 students will assume a leadership role and engage with the whole MAEEC community. Pre-requisites: MAEEC program coursework and thesis progress

Course Credits

  • 3.00